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Tenants Insurance If you are renting your current living quarters, it's important to obtain your own insurance. Your landlord's policy doesn't cover your liability for property damage / bodily injury; or your personal property. Apply for your free quote today!
Condo Insurance If you own a condo, it's important to obtain insurance for your property as well as the liability arising from ownership. Our condo policies provide coverage for you and your personal belongings. Apply for your free quote today!
Home Insurance If you own a home, it's important to obtain insurance for your property as well as liability arising from ownership. Our homeowners policies provide coverage for you, your house, and your personal belongings. Apply for your free quote today!
Business Insurance Whether you're a newly starting one-man-show landscaper, or an established general contractor, all businesses should have an insurance policy that ensures liability coverage for potential claims from daily operations. Offered along with property coverage.
Event Insurance If your hosting an event and require short term liability coverage, this policy is for you. This covers general eventcoverage, party & alcohol liability (if required), and any other insurance requirements. Apply for your free quote today!
Commercial Bonds We provide commercial bond services for a variety of industries and requirements. Common Bonds including: Electrical Contractors Bond, Gas Contractors Bond, and more... Apply for the bond you need today!
Contract Bonds Looking for a Bid Bond or Performance / Labour & Material Payment Bond? You've come to the right place! We provide a wide range of contract bonding services. Click here to learn more and apply today!
More We offer various other policies as well, including: Boat Insurance, Hole-In-One Insurance, Wedding Insurance, as well as the option to contact us for a unique designed coverage for your special risk.

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Product Codes are unique application pages for a frequent or unique type of coverage. Examples include Event Venue Insurance Applications, and Trade Show Insurance Applications. If you'd like your own unique product code for a commonly required coverage, click here.

About Us

Insurance is all about "risk sharing". Since the earliest of times, humanity has demonstrated a willingness to pool their resources to help others in times of need. Insurance is the formalization of the basic principle of risk sharing into an organized fashion.

With modern technology and globalization working its way into every industry on the globe, we're on the forefront of standardizing the Bonding & Insurance Industry online in Canada. Our goal is to make the process of obtaining insurance quick, simple, and easy for you.